MIS Academy

The MIS Academy is designed to guide your journey in MIS foot surgery.

From first steps to mastery, the Academy enables you to learn, practice and refine your expertise with leading MIS surgeons.




Mark Blackney


Mark's specialty is minimally invasive surgical techniques which have revolutionised the management of foot problems.

Mark's current positions:

  • Chairman, Foot & Ankle, Asia Pacific Orthopaedic Association

  • Chairman, Foot & Ankle, St Vincent’s Health, Victoria

Tim Schneider.png

Tim Schneider


Tim is interested in all aspects of foot and ankle surgery with particular interest in 1st MTP joint replacement, ankle arthroscopy, hindfoot reconstruction and forefoot reconstruction.

Tim is a senior consultant at Melbourne Orthopaedic Group.


Learning Pathway

Level 1 MIS Induction


Attendees: anyone that has an interest in learning about MIS foot procedures and/or done <20 MIS foot procedures

  • Introduction into MIS procedures of the foot

  • Tips and Tricks for starting MIS bunionettes, joint preparation and varus/valgus ray adjustments

  • Burr selection & Post-operative care

  • Training on MIS IP fusion, calcaneal osteotomy, akin, toe corrections and cheilectomies

Level 2 MIS Intermediate


Attendees: must have performed >20 MIS procedures and routinely use MIS foot procedures including IP fusion, calc osteotomy, akin, toe corrections, cheilectomy

  • Tips and tricks for IP fusion, calcaneal osteotomy, akin, toe corrections and cheilectomies

  • Choosing the correct burr for the pathology

  • Post-operative care

  • Introduction to MIS Bunion and MIS MTP techniques

Level 3 MIS Advanced


Attendees: must have attended Level 2 Course and have performed >20 MIS Bunions or MIS MTPs

  • Journey to an MIS focused approach

  • Advanced course focusing on refining technique and addressing common complications of MIS techniques

  • How to manage severe deformities and multiple issues

  • Developed through a combination of surgical observation and cadaveric training